Dec. 13’, “Faith”

The photo was taken in the downtown of Bologna, my city; I was struck by this lady sitting on a step in a side street, mainly for her eyes, and the strong pain. Having exchanged a few words with her, I asked permission to take a photo, happy she agreed, and before saying goodbye she told me to always have faith in life.

Dec.’13, “Market players” series;

These shots are part of a long-term project, inherent to markets in major cities where I go, including one in which I live; my attention is directed at markets where you can buy clothes, food, and antiques, in short, everything.

In these slices of everyday life, the flow of people is constant, frantic, searching for something, or just to walk around, and take a look.

I immerse myself, mingling with the people, sometimes in confined spaces, watching what they are watching, hearing what they say, observing the negotiations, and smelling the air.

This is the only way I can really understand how exactly is one, of the oldest cultural exchange, which is the market.